The key role of the muscles of external rotation for the shoulder well-being

The  muscles of external rotation are extremely important muscles, from which depend the mobility and functionality of the entire articulation: they are the true depressor of the humeral head; avoid the impingiment between the greater tuberosity of the humerus and the “shoulder roof” dall’acromion format and coracoacromial ligament, also with the subscapularis and supraspinatus to stabilize the shoulder, making it more solid.

Enhancing the shoulder muscles of external rotation is essential in healthy conditions and it gets necessary in the shoulder rehabilitation period and /or after a surgery on rotator cuff.

Whatever the starting condition, they must therefore trained with targeted exercises but avoiding the insurgence, with the training, of compressions on the supraspinatus muscle that especially suffers stress, triggering pain radiated on the articulation and also along the arm.

In the shoulder area, in fact, areas less vascularized and therefore more prone to muscle and tendon degeneration (scientific studies), are located to the tendon insertion of the supraspinatus muscle on the humeral greater tuberosity and insertion of the tendon of the long head of the biceps on the supraglenoid tubercle. Scientific studies explain the avascularity of these areas as a result of the humerus location (PDF). 

Gymmi is the solution that allows you to train the muscles of external rotation correctly, without creating compression on the supraspinatus muscle and so allowing a more rapid rehabilitation after an injury and / or surgery, and helping to prevent injuries in athletes and healthy people.

Strengthening of  muscles of external rotation: Do it the right way!

The exercise prince for reinforcement of the rotator cuff (infraspinatus and teres minor) consists precisely in extrarotazioni, that spins outward elbow flexed 90° forearm: if, during this exercise, the arm remains against the trunk, the humerus assumes a position which determines precisely the problem mentioned above.
It is namely to create a compression and a consequent reduced blood supply to the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle and the long head of the biceps creating pain and inflammation of those muscles compromising the re-education and the joint functional recovery!!

In this regard, some physical therapists already aware of the issue have been remedied by using towels or pillows, but that does not have the effect hoped for because those who train are forced to keep them pressed between arm and trunk, activating the  adductor  muscles of external rotation (Large pectoral muscle, grand dorsal muscle, etc.) that create a further imbalance and compression of the supraspinatus.

It ‘s important not only to reinforce shoulder muscles of external rotation, but also relax and stretch  with stretching exercises the muscles of internal rotation naturally stronger and subject to retraction.

This method will increase the flexibility of the entire joint and also solve chronic diseases by improving the functional biomechanics of the shoulder.

Without Gymmi® the external rotation with elbow flexed to 90° becomes a stress factor for these two important muscles (SSP and LHB), which compressed, receive less blood and react first with a biomechanical imbalance, then trigger pain reactions, compromising the re-education and the functional recovery of the joint!

7 minutes twice a week for healthy, strong shoulders

In most cases it only takes two exercise lasting 7 minutes each per week to significantly strengthen the  muscles of external rotation and start to enjoy the benefits that this entails .. Depending on the patient’s condition, the training tables will be decided together with the doctor, physiatrist and /or Orthopaedic and Physical Therapist.

Features and advantages of Gymmi ® includes a portion provided with tickness to be interposed between the trunk and a user’s arm, so as to maintain them spaced apart, and fastenings holding this thickness in the right position.

The device is applied to one side of a patient, lying or standing, to the height of the chest, so that the portion provided with thickness falls between the side and the arm flexed to 90 °: this way, the execution of muscles of external rotation can be carried out, according to the prescribed therapy, with or without resistors (initially free-arm, thereafter with progressive resistance using elastic and / or weights up to use the dumbbells) and above all without having to worry that the arm (humerus) assumes positions that might result in compression syndromes.

Gymmi® is small in size and is sold with a special luggage container, to have the possibility to carry it and train everywhere.

The device is entirely made in Italy, with top quality materials. It is flame retardant and anti-allergic.






Diseases and conditions treated

Gymmi® is indicated for the treatment of a wide range of pathological conditions of the shoulder:

  • Frozen shoulder (Tendinitis, calcification peritendinous or calcific tendinitis, bursitis, subacromial friction, adhesive capsulitis when the joint range allows it.)
  • Shoulder “impingement syndrome”
  • Rehabilitation of the traumatized shoulder
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Rotator cuff tear (after reconstruction)
  • Shoulder instability (Bankart lesion)
  • Shoulder instability (Hill-Sachs lesion)
  • Biceps pathologies
  • Fracture of the upper portion of the humerus
  • Fractured collarbone rehabilitation
  • Acromion-clavicular subluxation
  • Shoulder Osteoarthritis (glenohumeral osteoarthritis)
  • Shoulder rehabilitation following reversed prosthesis


Furthermore, it is of fundamental importance for the prevention of accidents and for reinforcement of the rotator cuff in athletes.

For the prevention and rehabilitation try to reinforce the muscles of external rotation first with low resistance elastics (yellow, red, green, blue, etc.) then with weights to be applied on the forearm and, after 8-10 workouts lay the weight on the wrist, starting from 0.5 Kg up to a maximum of 2 kg, finally arriving to perform the “L” opening exercise on the table or on the bench and /or standing with a barbell and/or a pulley with a maximum of 5Kg. (Video foto).

In fact the two muscles of external rotation(STSP and PR) being very small must not be overloaded too much, and it’s good to run their reinforcement completed strechting  muscles of internal rotation always and only at the end of the competition! Or at least 36 hours before the competition.

While when you workout at the gym is essential to strengthen the  muscles of external rotation always and only at the end of the general training session including the final strechting of  muscles of internal rotation (Large pectoral muscle, grand dorsal muscle, teres major muscle, anterior deltoid muscle).

The Gymmi Support is recommended for all sports where there is involvement of the Shoulder, such as Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Rugby, SOCCER (goalkeeper), Golf, Boxing, Athletics, Martial Arts, Auto Racing, Motorcycle Racing, Hockey etc.

It proves to be of extreme importance for all activities carried out in gym, from Body Building to Fitness. If you consistently and correctly train the  muscles of external rotation twice a week you will increase the loads in all exercises of the top Body improving performance in any sporting activity!!


Dott. Riccardo Montani